Một UHR SEM và STEM tiên tiến để nghiên cứu đặc điểm các mẫu y sinh học và mẫu nhạy với chùm điện tử

  • UHR imaging of non-conductive beamsensitive samples at low-kV
  • Routine investigation of heavy-metal stained ultra-thin sections with excellent contrast using the In-beam BSE detector at extremely low kV
  • Easy-to-use STEM detector as a cost-effective alternative to routinely used TEM
  • Compatibility with major cryo-system suppliers on the market
  • Easy-to-use, fully customizable, applicationoriented and modular user interface

Activated carbon doped with metallic nanoparticles visualized with In-Beam SE detector at accelerated voltage of 2 keV

Resin embedded brain tissue. The ultrastructure were visualized using In-Beam BSE detector at accelerating voltage of 2 keV

Morphology of nanoparticles used in drug delivery research visualized by R-STEM detector at 30 keV

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