TESCAN TIMA - Kính hiển vi điện tử quét SEM

Quét tốc độ cao và phân tích số lượng lớn các mẫu khoáng vật

  • Applicable to Mining, Geoscience and Petroleum
  • Understand more about geology, mineralogy and petrology
  • Visualize and quantify exploration samples
  • Link geology and metallurgy for optimal mine planning and processing plant operation
  • Configurable data structure and workbooks to organize your measurements, images and results
  • Up to 4 EDS detectors for high speed measurement of more samples, high mineral chemical resolution, good sampling statics, and high spatial resolution
  • Comprehensive Mineral Identification and composition tools
  • Optional robotic AutoLoader with 100 sample magazine for 24/7 continuous unattended operation

Copper/Zinc Concentrate – Particles

Copper concentrate – Chalcopyrite liberation by size

Bayan Obo (China) – Carbonatite rock from the largest rare earth deposit yet found