The world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma source focused ion beam (FIB) with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) enables extremely high ion currents up to 2 μA which results in increased milling speeds that can be up to 50 times faster compared to conventional Ga source FIBs. This makes FERA3 the ideal instrument for accomplishing large volume milling tasks that were once either time-consuming or practically impossible.

The focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (FIB-SEMs) open up a world of new capabilities enabling applications which would otherwise not be possible to achieve with either standalone systems. The configuration in the FIB-SEM systems is such that the electron and ion beam focal points coincide, which results in the optimisation of many applications. This feature enables simultaneous SEM imaging during FIB milling tasks - a significant leap in terms of performance and throughput in all those FIB operations which demand extremely high level of precision. FERA3 features high-performance electronics for faster image acquisition, ultra-fast scanning system along with compensation of static and dynamic image aberrations and built-in scripting for user-defined applications.

Key features

Modern electron optics

  • The unique Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offers a variety of working and display modes with enhanced field of view or depth of focus
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for performance and beam optimization. Also includes direct and continual control of beam parameters.
  • Fully automated electron optics set-up and alignment
  • Rapid imaging with rates up to 20 ns
  • Unique live stereoscopic imaging using the advanced 3D Beam Technology opens up the micro and nano-world for an amazing 3D experience and 3D navigation

Extremely powerful Xe plasma FIB column

ECR-generated Xe plasma ion source FIB column for achieving the most challenging large-scale milling tasks in unbeatable short times frames

  • 50x faster than Ga LMIS FIBs.
  • Ion beam range current of 1 pA to 2 µA and resolution of < 25 nm
  • Newly developed high resolution Xe plasma FIB column (Optional) achieving resolution of < 15 nm for extended patterning capabilities
  • Large-mass xenon ions with larger FIB current range for ultra-fast sputtering even with­out gas-assisted enhancement
  • Significant reduction in ion implantation compared to Ga LMIS FIBs
  • Xe noble gas atoms do not alter electrical properties in the vicinity of the patterned area
  • No intermetallic compounds formed during FIB milling

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